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    Posted on by Karen Yates


    To our friends, family, donors, and partners worldwide--THANK YOU.  Amazima is so blessed and excited for our new online store where we can bring to you the beautiful jewelry made by our friends in Masese. 

    Words cannot describe the impact you are having on the lives of Ugandan people and children through Amazima!  For so long so many of you have asked HOW you can help in a way that truly impacts and supports the poor and vulnerable of Uganda.  Finally we can say--THIS IS IT.  Buy from our store and you are buying directly from a Karimojong woman--someone we know personally and love deeply, that we pray alongside, advocate for, and encourage to work her own way out of poverty.  

    When you buy a piece of jewelry from Amazima, you not only employ a Karimojong woman from Masese.  You also help feed over 1,600 hungry children through Amazima's feeding program.  That's because the profits of our necklace sales are designated directly back to the slum community of Masese.  It is extremely important to us that the profits from theses Ugandan women go directly back to Uganda, helping the community in which each woman lives.    

    This is not a store selling visors or t-shirts or Amazima products.  We desire to help our friends find safe and sustainable work, to keep families together, to help parents provide medicine for their own children, and to know a God that loves them unconditionally.  

    But the BONUS for you is that when you purchase from Amazima, you receive a STUNNING piece of authentic Ugandan jewelry and the delight of knowing you made a difference in the lives of others.  We know you will love your jewelry because of the joy that comes from giving back and because of the hard work put into each piece, hand-crafted with love from Uganda.  

    THANK YOU.     

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